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In this course you will learn what to say, how to say it, and how it impacts your customer!

Many Prospects are passively defensive when they phone into an automotive dealership and at worst some are outwardly defensive.  The salesperson taking the call must disarm the prospect using effective words and phrases.  A sales person using effective words and phrases who stays on the word track will be able to obtain 95% of prospects first and last names as well as telephone numbers.  This is the first measurable benchmark of phone up performance.  A salesperson that does not get 95% is simply not using the word track, or is speaking with an unenthusiastic voice. 
This course includes two 15 minute blocks of one on one live role-play

Script Theory

  • Introduction / Priority of Calling 
  • The Five Basic Steps to an Incoming Call
  • The Eight Basic guidelines for an Outbound Call
  • The Four Key Steps to Calling Unsold Showroom Traffic


  • Phone-Up New Car Incoming Sales Script                                                   
  • Phone Up Specific Used Car Script
  • Unsold Showroom Traffic Script
  • Unsold Showroom Traffic with Trade Script

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What will you learn
  • Properly Handle Incoming Sales Calls • Learn to Bring Back Unsold Showroom Traffic • Set Solid Appointments that Show • Script Theory

  • No Pre-Requisites Required for This Course


  • 13 Lessons
  • 00:45:52 Hours
  • Introduction / Priority of Calling Guidelines 00:03:12
  • The Five Basic Steps to an Incoming Call / Objectives00:10:37
  • Phone-Up Script - New Car / Non-Specific Used Car00:07:38
  • Phone-Up Script - Used Car00:08:05
  • The Eight Basic Guidelines to Making an Outbound Call00:04:47
  • Unsold Showroom Traffic - The Four Key Steps / Objectives00:01:47
  • Unsold Showroom Traffic with No Trade Script00:04:58
  • Unsold Showroom Traffic with Trade Script00:04:48
  • Aptitude Test
  • SCRIPT for Lesson 3 - Phone-Up New Car / Non-Specific Used Car
  • SCRIPT for Lesson 4 - Phone-up Used Car
  • SCRIPT for Lesson 7 - Unsold Showroom Traffic with No Trade
  • SCRIPT for Lesson 8 - Unsold Showroom Traffic with Trade

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Name : Stacy Broderick
Reviews : 3 Reviews
Student : 40 Students
Courses : 2 Courses


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Liam Smyth - Wed, 20-Jan-2021

Great training experience! 10/10 - Lisa was very helpful and sweet. Thank you for your time & training!

Ryan Murdock - Thu, 21-Jan-2021

Very helpful training course that helped better my sales skills!

Chris Allen - Sat, 05-Jun-2021

Full of some great pattern interrupts!