Intermediate Training


This course will train you to overcome common objections, turn price shoppers into appointments and effectively follow up missed opportunities!

Learn to avoid 'Price Shopper Phobia'.  Don't turn a product information question or availability inquiry into the dreaded  'price shopper' call.  By following the script you can direct the conversation towards the name, phone number and the appointment.  Remember, you must ask the questions in a fluid, professional manner.  Otherwise you will allow 'dead air' permitting the customer's mind to gravitate towards the question of price.  The purpose of most calls is to determine product and availability information, NOT PRICE!
This course includes two 15 minute blocks of one on one live role-play

Script Theory

  • Introduction / Priority of Calling  
  • The Five Basic Steps to an Incoming Call  
  • How to Handle the Price Shopper 
  • The Eight Basic guidelines for an Outbound Call
  • The Four Key Elements to Calling Unsold Showroom Traffic 


  • Price Shopper Script
  • Base Price Script 
  • Specific Colour Script
  • Price Objection Script
  • Common Objection Handling Script
  • Trade Call - Independent Buyer Script
  • Trade Script - 'You're Not Giving me Enough For My Trade'
  • Missed Appointment Script

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One Course per Rep
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What will you learn
  • Get Your Customer Back in the Dealership • Common Objection Handling • Price Objection Handling • Script Theory

  • Basic Training Package


  • 22 Lessons
  • 01:10:20 Hours
  • Introduction / Priority of Calling Guidelines00:03:15
  • The Five Basic Steps to an Incoming Call / Objectives00:10:28
  • How to Handle the Price Shopper00:03:29
  • Price Shopper Script00:06:45
  • Base Price Script00:07:02
  • Price Objection Script - Calling Back Customer00:05:03
  • Specific Colour Script00:04:59
  • Common Objection Handlers Script00:05:28
  • The Eight Basic Guidelines to Making an Outbound Call00:04:44
  • Unsold Showroom Traffic - The Four Key Steps / Objectives00:01:59
  • Trade Call - Independent Buyer Script00:05:33
  • Trade Script - 'You're Not Giving Me Enough for My Trade'00:06:42
  • Missed Appointment Script00:04:53
  • Aptitude Test
  • SCRIPT for Lesson 4 • Price Shopper Script
  • SCRIPT for Lesson 5 • Base Price Script
  • SCRIPT for Lesson 6 • Price Objection Script - Calling Back Customer
  • SCRIPT for Lesson 7 • Specific Color Script
  • SCRIPT for Lesson 8 • Common Objection Handlers Script
  • SCRIPT for Lesson 11 • Trade Call - Independent Buyer Script
  • SCRIPT for Lesson 12 • Trade Script "You're Not Giving Me Enough For My Trade"
  • SCRIPT for Lesson 13 • Missed Appointment Script

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